Nahtlose Stahlrohre, nahtlose Rohre und Präzisionsstahlrohre - BSS Röhren

What our business is really all about.

You talk, we listen. You ask, we answer. You order, we deliver. You request, we act. This is how it is at BSS. How it is when the customer decides. When his needs decide. After all, if one is running a business, nothing else is important. Regardless of whether that business deals in apples, pears, or seamless pipes. We are interested in our customers, their markets and their requirements. For we are service providers with a warm heart and cool head, and have what you are looking for at fair prices. Try us – and get to know us!

Our company is equipped with modern sawing units 
for single and serial cutting.

Our company-owned vehicles enable us to deliver products
several times a week.

Naturally, goods can be picked up from our warehouse every day.

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